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Booking: +359 359 51125

Reception: +359 359 51225

Address: 4600 Velingrad
2, Vasil Lenski blvd.

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Spa Hotel Holiday on the map of Velingrad.

SPA pleasures

The second zone is reserved for the SPA pleasures, where you can feel as the most important person in the whole wide world, and your body will be relieved and toned up.

Every detail here inspires a feeling of complete calmness and unique satisfaction of everything. Please, welcome in:

  • Steam bathroom 

A visit of the Roman thermal springs. Simultaneous effect over the body with warmth and moistness (the steam may consist herbal extracts), it stimulates the liquid body circulation and fully cleans the skin. Lungs inhalations. The muscles and tendons are relaxed. The joint pain fades away. The Caldarium (which is the hottest room of the Roman bath) is a mild and effective way for restoration and stress struggle.

Temperature: about 45 C

Humidity: 35 – 100 % steam with herbal extract

Recommended time for staying: 20 min, 2-3 times a week;

Procedure breaks: 20-30 min;

  • Sauna

The often sauna visits are the ideal way against stress, irreplaceable way for body toxins cleaning. You can have a procedure with a cold shower after the sauna. Changing the hot and cold procedures stimulates the vital body functions, it rises its resistant forces, regulates the blood pressure and improves the heart activity.

Temperature: 80 - 100 C

Dry air in the room

Recommended time for staying in: 2-3 sessions for 5-15 min.

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Enjoy the complete Spa experience.