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Booking: +359 359 51125

Reception: +359 359 51225

Address: 4600 Velingrad
2, Vasil Lenski blvd.

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Spa Hotel Holiday on the map of Velingrad.

Spa Center

"Nature gives us generously all we need to live healthily"

Sebastian Knipe

As a concept, Wellness defines the healthy way for complete harmony between body and soul.

Our SPA and Wellness center is a place, where the healthy procedures and pleasant feelings are combined successfully. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy all the SPA activities in a new atmosphere.

The unique spa center is one of the most desired hotel place for visiting.

Our spa center is divided in 3 parts, whre we can make your body and face irresistibly beautiful and attractive.

The modern furniture, the atmosphere and relaxation, the various baths, based on the world famous Velingrad mineral water and the massage rooms are successfully combined. They are situated in a separate section, which ensures full relaxation and discretion.

The interior of the massage rooms is in conformity with the different massages and therapies. A highly qualified team serves the guests of the hotel with pleasure.

The SPA center offers:

  • Jacuzzi

  • Swimming pool

  • Vitamin bar

  • Hall for relax with free and warm-up couches

  • Vapor–bath

  • Sauna

  • Medical rooms

  • Massages

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